Samstag, 29. September 2012

drawing challenge


daily project drawing today

I collected some mandalas during last week. 
And I share an older painting from a period I was almost "obsessed" by lemon slices:

le grand citron
acrylic, corrosion, plâtre, rouille sur toile
 Acryl, Beize, Gips, Rost auf Leinwand
60 x 100 cm, France, 1998.

Our hostess is the tiny woolf - thank you!
Please have a look at her --> blog to find more artists and their work about mandalas
and have an inspiring weekend!

Freitag, 28. September 2012

Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

Noch kleiner Vogel - little bird still

noch kleiner Vogel - little bird still
Tuschezeichnung auf Stoff - ink on textile

Guten Tag - hello!

Dieses und ein paar andere kleine Kunstwerke sind jetzt neu in meinem Shop.
Just to let you know: I put some new items in my shop today.

Danke für´s Vorbeischauen - thanks for dropping by!

Sonntag, 23. September 2012

ist nicht lustig - isn´t funny

Mal wieder ein Zigarettenpapier Heftchen - time for a new cigarette paper booklet:

Ist nicht lustig!  (isn´t funny)

Zu dem Titel inspirierte mich meine Tochter - the title is inspired by my little daughter.
Der Clown war eigentlich für diesen drawing challenge gedacht. Er/sie ist so klein und wurde damals einfach übersehen.
The clown is so small, I missed to show him/her during this drawing challenge.

Eine lustige Woche wünsche ich - have a funny week!

Freitag, 21. September 2012

looking for a title

Do you remember? Some weeks ago (--> here) I was asking for a title for a painting:

For some time it has been 
"the painting with no title but with lots of inspiration coming from your ideas" 
- thank you again. Finally I found a title by chance while reading in a magazine: 


Vietnamese for home, native place... (in German: Heimat)

I love that word, those three letters, it touches me.

I have to admit: Often I d´ont find titles for my work. 
I admire people who are able to use words, create with words like I try to do with pencil or brush in my drawings and paintings. 
On the other hand, with a missing title the spectator has got more freedom to look for his own story in my artwork - shows me something I might not recognize. So it´s a surprise for myself what I created. And that´s always a pleasure!

Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Zeit für Zeichnungen

Today (and all night long) it´s raining, good time for drawings...
Es regnet - gute Zeit für Zeichnungen!

Thank you for your kind words concerning to our entry at school!
It was a cool day and the artist´s son (still) loves to go there.
I share a picture of the happy mum:

Enjoy your day no matter if it´s raining or not - habt einen schönen Tag!

Donnerstag, 13. September 2012

daily project - 48

7. + 8.9.

9. + 10.9.

11. + 12.9.

My son and me have our first day at school ever and I have to admit:
I´m quite excited about. One of my creative projects these days: 

the Schultüte.

Freitag, 7. September 2012

daily project - 47




5. + 6.9.

By the way, I was visiting the sun, the temperature was quite comfortable:

A sunny weekend to you all and thank you for your kind comments!
Ein sonniges Wochenende wünsche ich, vielen Dank für die netten Kommentare!

Samstag, 1. September 2012

daily project - 46

28. + 29.8.

30. + 31.8.

the artist´s son preparing the album of September

and this is what happened to us yesterday:

Have a nice weekend - schönes Wochenende!