Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

d.c. daily project

Show me your daily projects:

SusanCarolemanoLuciaPatrice A.MichaelaCelinebarbara beeArianetaniaKristen
JokeTammietinyWOOLFManuelaFrau Wienannton beate SchmidtNorma, Miss Herzfrisch and Roberto - bravo!

What a surprising mail yesterday:

 vielen Dank liebe Müllerin!

THIS is a daily project... to send a card each day!

Thank you all for playing and visiting!

You know about my daily project --> here is how it started 2012.
And here the last five days:

Currently I make these drawings in the kitchen after dinner before cleaning and before putting children and me to bed.

Behind the scenes my Berliner cousin and I celebrate a private daily project.
For once we share it with you:

mothers just wanna have fun

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. You are just the master of daily projects! I really admire you for doing those drawings every day. And you know I love them so please keep making them! And thanks for charing the private pictures, they made me smile. I think that is very good one, just to look nice every day. When I'm home and drawing I keep my pajama-pants on ;-) I like the pictures with the bal of flash light in the faces, wow!

    1. thank you!
      (just to let you know: there is a scene behind the scenes, I´m standing here in my pyjama-pants, too)

    2. Thank you Stefanie, count me too in the big list of your admirers ☺, I love what you are doing and it feels good to be connected with the artists world. We will have all for sure a lot of input and fun, your pictures put a smile on my face this morning, I am sitting here in my pajama pants drinking coffee and smiling. Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. Ja Ja, I was close to saying: Oh, NO! Again the stockings? OMG! ...
    but I saw (in time) that the girl in the photo was not you! :)))

    All beautiful photos!
    I like your skull like Keith Richards ring! :)))
    Have a nice W-end Stefanie!!!!!!!

  3. loved seeing your daily drawing and to hear your routine around them.

    your cousin and your are fun! I loved seeing the photos!

  4. ich mag deine täglichen zeichnungen so gerne! und das spieglein-spieglein-fotoprojekt ist echt lustig! danke für das schöne thema, es hat spaß gemacht!
    liebe grüße gen süden, mano

  5. It must be great to see the notebook fill with drawings and at the end of the year you have a very precious and wonderful booklet. When you can persevere it's amazing to look back and say proudly to yourself: Wow! Did I do that? All those pictures? Wow!
    In this serie I like the 'bird' theme.
    The dress up party makes me smile. I know the fun when you are with a friend and try on all your clothes in different combinations. Real girl (and mother) stuff! Great!

  6. these dailies are awesome, stefanie. i believe they also teach us something about the fleeting sight we carry each day. i mean, paying attention to a daily task does work as a reminder, perhaps something we cling onto as we grow older? i'm very interested by your daily ritual of sitting down after dinner and do your daily drawing. i still haven't worked out the practicalities of my daily drawing, am always falling behind and find difficult the organisation of the scanning. maybe i'll get there by the end of the year, and that'll be that?
    anyway, great theme! n♥

  7. Your selfies with your cousin are a smile, Stefanie! This was such a great challenge, and jogged me into starting something I had been meaning to do for some months. I have always admired your daily drawings, and continue to do so.
    Thanks for giving us this stimulating challenge,
    - sus

  8. queen of the daily projects!
    that is what you are to me
    as you can see in my post
    i have tried to be you
    but failed, ha! ;^))
    i LOVE your drawings, as Always
    and the photo's made me smile
    i really have to learn to play more

    thank you for this challenge
    Patrive A.

  9. Liebe Stefanie,
    sehr coole Daily Projekte, besonders die Selbstportraits.
    Ich habe das dc eben erst gesehen, aber ich habe auch noch ein Projekt für dich:
    Herzliche Grüße

  10. A routine! That makes it more organic and real in the sense of an action/ritual/process. It becomes a part of your living experience on a daily basis. I bet it also allows the drawings to flow easier, as your creative muse inside knows it has a spot for it on a regular basis. It can show up there then, in the welcome place.
    Do you find surprise in the lines Stefanie? Are you ever shocked? What else? Sad. Glad. Happy. Sombre. Uplifted. Bored. I bet you are. Do your lines tell you things?
    I am taken with some of the clothing I see in your selfies with your cousin. There are some dresses in there that are fabby! Fun are these quick snaps. Norma, xo

  11. This was a fun assignment Stephanie and I've admired your consistency with the drawings for awhile now- having a task this week was fun and challenging, as I tend to only have spurts to work- making time everyday was a new experience, I'd like to play with more.
    The portraits are fun as well love them :)

  12. mothers just wanna have fun - oh ja. Das Anschauen macht Spaß, vor allem die Hintergründe auf den Fotos: Spielzeug, ein Kind, das Leben... Vielen Dank fürs Teilen dieser privaten Bilder. Und für die ganze Aktion.
    Grüße von mir zu dir. Deine Lucia

  13. Hallo Stefanie, deine täglichen Zeichnungen durften wir ja schon oft bewundern, aber deine daily Fotoserie ist ja einfach grandios - da kommt echt Freude auf. Vielen Dank für diesen gelungenen Wochenstart!
    LG barbara bee

  14. Hallo Stefanie,
    toll sind deine täglichen Zeichnungen. Hut ab vor deinem Daily Projekt. Ich habe mir dieses Jahr immerhin ein Wochenprojekt vorgenommen ;-)

    Liebe Grüße Claude

  15. from the first day I have "met" you, I was taken by your drawings. and by the idea to fill up a little calendar with them. they might be little, but say so much. maybe because they're done quick and in between. maybe that keeps us from thinking too much and letting it out a bit more. thank you for hosting this challenge. and thank you, for getting me away from the screen. greetings from berlin!

  16. Liebe Stefanie,
    beim Runterscrollen nur Wundervolles gesehen :)
    Mein Beitrag kommt noch - liege krank darnieder - geht aber langsam wieder aufwärts, mein Kopf arbeitet schon wieder :)

    Hezlichst, Ariane.

  17. Hihi, vielen Dank für Deine Einblicke in euer privates Daily-Dress Projekt! Die Bilder sind so lustig! Zumal ich einmal mein Kleid wiedererkannt habe (das grüne) und die Katzenstrümpfe müssen unbedingt für meinen Burlesque-Tanz her!! ;o) Und Deine Zeichnungen sind sowieso alle toll, dieses Mal mag ich die letzte Lächlerin am liebsten, der ein Vögelchen das Nestbaumaterial vom Kopf klaut! Wundervoll! :o)
    Vielen Dank für das schöne Thema und Deinen lieben Kommentar!

  18. dear Stefanie, firts i want to thank you for your kind invitation to this challenge, i did give it a lot of thoughts but not only was i too busy this weekend, i just am not a 'dialy project' person. Even my year project 'painting animals for grandson' will take me probably two years :)
    i do try to draw or paint each day( i miss it when there's no time and it makes me feel a little uneasy) , sometimes just some scrabbling , sometimes hours of painting but there is no scheduled time really and often images are wandering in my head while doing other stuff. some reach the paper others don't.

    i did give it a try for two days but it felt so forced that i gave up, maybe i do try again.

    i always enjoy your daily project, there's so much in it, the way you translate daily things into lovely and touching or funny images is just wonderful and i do admire you for doing that.

    looking at your dressing up party here is just great, the pleasure you both have and the lovely outfits with that special twist, just having fun, i do recognize it and i smile...and keep smiling. xx

  19. Dear Stefanie,
    I just love your diary of drawings and painting every single day! and your mirrored selfie show me not alone your beauty but also pretty dresses!
    Do you know 'a Year of Mornings, 3191 Miles Apart'? Two friends, 3191 Miles Apart at home in different cities, has taken a photo each morning. In the book one can see on the right side the pic by Maria Alexandra Vettese and on the left by Stephanie Congdon Barnes - together.

    My part of daily project is posted at Rose. Thank you for this challenge! A real avatar for me ;-)


  20. ha, das war jetzt lustig und schön:) deine zeichnunfen sowieso immer wieder;) und mit dem anziehstefaniereigen hätt ich dich gern bei mixit mit dabei;););)
    sei liebst gegrüßt von birgit


Danke - thank you - merci bien!